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Sunday, December 9, 2007

#14 The Creeping Crud

There is a disease that is becoming rampant amoung people of all ages. It usually starts at a young age and if not tended to will continue on til death. Its called the Creeping Crud or in another word it might best be described as UNGRATEFULNESS.

It is our job as parents to detect and deal with ungratefulness. It rears its head on all different occasions...Birthdays, holidays, trips to the store, Grandmas house, really just about anywhere.

Please start looking in your home and at your family to see if the disease is present. It must be dealt with immediately or it will spread and only get worse. It must be dealt with forcefully and directly. It can be caught from parents or be present at birth.

Symptoms of the disease

Lack of enthusiasm over a gift, word of encouragement etc.

general disinterest

lack of thank yous

Tossing of gift aside to reach of the next one.

Not caring for toys, clothes, things in general

Letting it be made known that something else was expected and that hopes were not met.

Whining and crying pouting

When Judy gets a $5. bill in the mail from Aunt Lucy watch to see how she accepts there any mention of " Is that all?...$5 doesnt buy anything" Does she immediately think to call her aunt to say thank you or drop a note?

At the bday party where there are lots of gifts... is it one after another ripping open and then on to the next with no care for what was just thank you....etc?

Christmas afternoon is there a general disappointment that hangs in the air that it just wasnt enough?

I think you are getting the picture.

It is OUR job to teach our children at a VERY young age the art of being grateful. We must watch for every opportunity to teach this life skill. We need to look at ourselves first to see if the disease is present and if so we need to take steps to irradicate it. The disease will not go away if we are carriers.

Sometimes radical steps need to be taken but first why don't you just begin to talk with your children about this disease.
Point it out if you see it pop it's head up anywhere. I have been able to show my kids what it looks like on various occasions when it did not affect us but the symptons were present in our surroundings.

If your home has already been infected... Nip it in the bud!! If the bud is now a "branch" get the saw out! (read a previous blog) This problem will affect the whole life of the carrier.

Sometimes a gift might need to be taken back or a child taken out of the situation to be spoken/dealt with.
What ever the case I implore you again a parent be aware and vaccinate your family against this bug!!!

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Blessings Marnie

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